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 Rules, Guidelines and How-To

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Rules, Guidelines and How-To Empty
PostSubject: Rules, Guidelines and How-To   Rules, Guidelines and How-To EmptySat Sep 29, 2012 12:16 pm

First, the rules and guidelines. Yes, rules suck but we have them for a reason.

1. You must follow the #1 rule set by AJ - respect your fellow players.

2. No flaming or trolling.

3. No cybering allowed! Cybering is described as “explicit sexual roleplay”. You may not engage in it,
request it, or encourage it. If you see someone cybering, please report it to myself or (in times of desperation) Dot. Emotional interraction is one thing - literotic posts or porn is out of the question.

4. Take the time to spell out your words (no "text-lingo") in your posts, be reasonably descriptive (you don't have to write a book, but don't just give the other players a few lines to play off of) and have decent grammar/spelling. We understand that not everyone's an English major, but please try your best. If English is not your native tongue, please be sure to state that on your character sheet. That way, if your English is a little confusing, we'll know why. However, please try your best with your English when you roleplay.

5. No god-moding. This means making an all-powerful, indestructible character. They're no fun to play against or off of. In general, such characters ruin the game for everyone - so don't use them.

6. Do not play for, speak for or think for another person's character. You wouldn't want anyone to take over your character, so don't do it to someone else.

7. All characters must have character sheets! If you are in more than one game, with more than one character - post their sheet in their respective game "Character Sheet Thread" with a link to it in your signature.

8. In keeping with the above rule, keep to your character sheet. We understand that characters change and grow (which is why nearly everything in your character sheet can be changed by you) but don't go changing things just to suit a particular event - that treads close to godmodding and will not be tolerated.

9. On that topic, if dice usage is a part of the game you're in - use them and keep to them! Calling mulligan every time is a crap shoot. Don't do it!

10. Do your part to help keep the game going. We know and understand that real life is first priority and except nothing less. However, we would ask that you notify your Game Boss of prolonged absences. Games that go without a post for 6 mos. without notice will be archived and notice will be given to the Game Boss and players. If a request is not made to the mods by the Game Boss or players to ressyrect it within another 6 mos. a warning will be sent to the Game Boss and players that the game will be deleted in 30 days. If there is no response by then, the game will be deleted, no exceptions.

To avoid this, we ask that everyone in a game make a post at least once a month.

10. Above all, have fun. Role-playing is a great way to make friends and give support to your fellow gaming geeks Wink

Violation of these rules will result in warnings and eventually, a ban from the Role-Players' Domain.

How to play? Easy.

Getting started - Whether starting a world, game or interactive story, start a thread in "The Beginning". In this way you can recruit another player or two and hammer out basic ideas for starting a game or world before submitting a request.

To start a game in a given world, send a request to myself or one of the other mods with a brief outline and in what world (as a general rule, we ask that you, have at least one other member willing to play before submitting a request). Remember to play your game according to the world you choose - for example, keep the Jedi out of Westros. We have only two worlds set up at the moment - Kore` and Star Wars, but we hope to add more in the future.

A subforum will be set up for your game. Having started the game, you are the Game Boss. This means you have a few responsibilities.

You must post a Guideline Thread (where you set down rules for your came - subject to moderator discretion). For example, a restriction on types of races ("Only humans, werewolves and vampires are permitted" for a gothic world or certain classes are racial specific ("Only Tien purebloods and halfbreeds can be shadow guards). Tell your players whether the dice function will be being used and if so how. You should also state whether these rules are flexible at Game Boss discretion.

A game-play thread and an OOC (Out Of Character) thread are also musts.

You should also post whatever pertinent information you feel is necessary for your players to know to play along in your campaign (this can include maps, notable people, what have you).

A "Can I Play?" type thread is usually a good idea, so you can keep an eye on new recruits for your game as is a "Character Sheet" thread for those players who have more than one character in more than one game. It's rare but it does happen and a Character Sheet thread helps to keep everyone on track.

It's also your responsibility to help keep your game going - keep in mind players sometimes need a little guidance and sometimes they need a little prodding.

To join an established game, it's only common courtisy to read the gamining information and familiarize yourself with what's been going on, if only a little bit.

Ask to join (if there isn't a "Can I Play" type thread, PM the Game Boss) and wait to be recognized before you jump in. It's only polite.

Remember - in order to play, your character must have a character sheet available to all other players. An addendum to this rule is - keep to your character sheet. Along these same lines, if dice usage is part of the game you're playing, use it and keep to it!

Keep the game going - the Game Boss can't do it alone. Help him/her out - Post at least once a month.

These rules are subject to be added to as things come up. If you have any questions PM me.

Rules, Guidelines and How-To Belyybanner_zps6e647f82

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Rules, Guidelines and How-To
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