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AJ Culpepper
AJ Culpepper

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PostSubject: Hello & Welcome!   Hello & Welcome! EmptyThu Sep 27, 2012 7:52 am

My name is AJ Culpepper. I'm the author of the Tome Series and creator of the World of Kore`. I created this forum to share my interests, passions and works and to invite you the readers, gamers, adventurers and fantasy enthusiasts to share in my interests and explore my world. I may not always be around (as my writing takes up a good deal of my time), but I shall leave you in the good care of my Moderators. They can help you anywhere in the World, though each has their preferred Domain of expertise:

Alaryah Dalca in Fantastic Worlds

Bandit King in Jester's Jollies

Dot in General Topics

White Wraith in RolePlayers' Domain

So! Pull up a tankard of ale, a chair and join in the fun! What a Face

To begin, post an introduction in Greetings Brave Adventurers!.

If you're a chatter then check out the General Topics section or perhaps even the Chat Box if that's more your pleasure.

Fantastic Worlds is for the discussion of various popular fantasy worlds - including Kore`! In fact, I will occasionally be sharing special and exclusive content, updates, character interviews and more!

In Imagination's Domain feel free to share your creative passions and works!

Everyone likes to have fun and The Jester's Jollies is the place to do it!

Roleplaying is one of my greatest passions. If it's yours too, then swing by RolePlayers' Domain and join in or create a game of your own! You will even find a forum for exploring the World of Kore`from the Tome Series and the ForeverGreen novels here.

Wherever you go, enjoy yourself and have fun but please respect others and keep the World of Kore` a place for EVERYONE to feel welcome, relax and escape reality if only for a little while. flower

Tome Series:
Zikhin - Book One
Sea of Sands - Book Two
ForeverGreen Novels:
The Seers' War Part One - The Weaving of the Web
The Seers' War Part Two - The Spider and the Fly
All World of Kore` books are available for Kindle and in good old-fashioned paperback on Amazon and through the paypal store on my Blogger page!

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Hello & Welcome!
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